Dungeon Penetrator #pico8 review

Dungeon Penetrator #pico8 has been reviewed;

Dungeon Penetrator #pico8 – Completeness

1 – Lots of pickups laying around, and a locked door/key mechanic, but no enemies or ways to die really make this game incomplete.

1 – It is clearly missing features such as death and combat.

Dungeon Penetrator #pico8 – Aesthetics

2 – Really nice looking tileset and great interface layout. Just no way to use said layout..

2 – The controls worked and the look was nice.

Dungeon Penetrator #pico8 – Fun

1 – Game is incomplete. Can only move around and gather items.

1 – Yeah, not complete enough to make me advise others to try it.

Dungeon Penetrator #pico8 – Innovation

1 – Game is incomplete. Can only move around and gather items.

1 – Not really

Dungeon Penetrator #pico8 – Scope

1 – Game is incomplete. It’s a pretty good achievement for the 8-12 hours the developer claimed, however I have to rate it based on the 7 days available.

2 – The goal of this game was at the level I expect from a 7drl

Dungeon Penetrator #pico8 – Roguelikeness

2 – Feels like the start of a roguelike, but without enemies it’s hard to have that feel.

2 – Because it is missing so much it isn’t really a roguelike

Dungeon Penetrator #pico8

Really nice looking pico-8 roguelike game. Unfortunately as the developer stated, the game is incomplete… no monsters, procedural generation, or ways to die…

A shame it wasn’t finished. I did a video of my play through here:\


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