Boulder Craft Progress (WIP)

For the first time in a long while, I did a bit of game dev working on Boulder Craft Pico-8.
The big issue is the speed the game runs at. The player and the NPCs move a whole 8-pixel block at a time, which makes the game too fast to play. I have slowed the player down by only moving on a fresh key press. (I use this method for the turn based movement in Dungeon Penetrator too). This makes out running and dropping blocks on NPCs impossible. I have tried slowing down the NPCs but haven’t found a way to do this.
What I need to do is change the code so the character only moves 1 pixel at a time. This means to change the code from using the Pico-8 map function to using a custom build object based codes. This is a complex change.
While I figure out how to get that done I’ve updated title screen to make it a little more interesting. The text is still a place holder which I’ll update later.

PICO-8_2 20170722.gif

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