Snowball Sunday Pico-8 v1.0

snowballsunday.p8_2Since our last update, I’ve put my Boulder Craft project on hold (at least until next year) and completed another project instead. The other project is a game I’ve remade many times before, and the one I usually make around Christmas, Snowball Sunday.

This version of Snowball Sunday is for the Pico-8 virtual console. I’ve talked about the Pico-8 previously, so if you are unfamiliar with it check that out that post.

The game has four players, with two human and two computer controlled players. As it’s limited to a single 128×128 screen, the game is a more frenzied and fast-paced that other remakes. It’s based on Super Snowball Sunday but most of the code was re-written from scratch. GML and Lua programming languages are very different from each other.
You can play the game in the browser using the link below, but you’ll need a controller or keyboard to play. If you have a Pico-8 you can download the game from the link, but you should know the drill.

Link: Snowball Sunday Pico-8

You can also download a version for Windows, Mac and Linux from and Gamejolt.

This most likely isn’t the last time I remake this game or my last Pico-8 project. Let me know what you think in comments below.

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