Dungeon Penetrator 2018 Pico-8 7drl

map generationsLast month I completed making a game for the 7DRL Challenge 2018. It follows my tradition of making a pretty standard Rouge Like game called “Dungeon Penetrator” like last years entry

It’s made in Pico-8, but this time I’ve managed to make a finished game.

Unlike last years this version has working procedural generation, NPC, multiple maps, and working sound and music.

I also had no problems with unexplained errors thanks to an updated pico-8 and my increased experience with the Lua programming language.

This game was made from scratch in about twelve hours over seven days, with a few bug fixes and balance changes made later. I’m very happy with how it turned out.


It was ranked 38 out of 110 completed entries. With some great review comments like;

This is a really slick (albeit fairly standard) Roguelike. It has quite a lot of stuff in it: dungeon, monsters, weapons, armor, stats, keys to open locked doors, potions, fog of war, gold, pet-type creatures, etc. It even has a title screen with a song. Controls are streamlined: move, pick up stuff, bump to attack.



I played this game while hanging out with some friends when the review session opened, and what I found was a cute lil roguelikey crawler that boiled down to a really simplistic gameplay loop that, while seemingly unable to offer much new content as the game went on, was genuinely fun to kick back and enjoy.

You can read the full reviews at; https://itch.io/jam/7drl-challenge-2018/rate/230329. Also, a nice Youtuber called Lim Shi San uploaded a video of some gameplay.



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